For kids big and small it’s all about Adventure for All!

From family time to home education, using Pawprint Badges couldn’t be easier. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! Whether you’re just discovering us for the first time or are a die-hard fan, here’s how…

1. Choose Your Badge

Browse our badges and decide which one you’d like to work on. Download the pre-made challenge pack or browse the related activities from our database.

2. Complete your activities

All our challenges are young person friendly so you can give them the power or decide which activities you can facilitate, there’s no right or wrong way! Feel free to adapt, change and add your own activities…it works for you rather than you working for it!

3. Buy your badges

It’s always optional to buy badges from us but if you do then you’ll be helping more young people access life-changing adventures! 1% from the sale of every badge goes in to the Pawprint Trust (find out more below).

How will it work for me?

From our experience, every child is different and we don’t believe in being prescriptive. What works for one young person will be different for another so make it work for you. From adventures on the weekend to supporting Home Ed families across the UK, Pawprint Badges encourages everyday adventure, fun, community and reward.

Award the badges as you see fit. You may want to award badges for successful completion of activities or for attending specific events. Whatever works for you, works for us! All our badges are Children’s University approved too so you can count your Pawprint adventures as learning hours on your digital passport.

How much time do I need?

We’re here to make things as easy as possible for you so planning time should be minimal. We’ve got planning templates to help you in our Free Resources section so whether you’re looking to cram lots of mini challenges in to one evening, a weekend or Summer holiday badge marathon, we’ve got you covered.

Want to get started straight away? You can find a selection of print-and-go activities in our Free Resources section.

What equipment do I need?

Most activities need no additional equipment other than standard household items, such as a pencil or paper.

Browse Badges

1. Choose Your Location

Browse our Trails and select your chosen location. Purchase your copies of your chosen Trail. One Trail booklet will be fine for a group of 4-5 young people.

2. Complete your Trail

The Trails are written to be young person friendly so they can work independently or with adult supervision.

3. Check your answers and buy your badges

Check your answers online and bag your Trail badge as a reward for your efforts; the perfect way to add to your collection and show the world you conquered that location!

How will it work for me?

Pawprint Trails are perfect for use on a local city visit, a weekend break or part of your holiday adventures. The Trails themselves take only a few hours to complete while the ‘Extend Your Adventure’ suggestions on your map or the ‘Here’s an Idea!’ tips from your Trail booklet can extend your adventure beyond this.

When submitting your answers online (using your Unique Reference Code found in your order confirmation email) you’ll also find a host of FREE activity ideas related to your Trail/location. These might be food, games, craft or other activities (in the same way as Pawprint Badges) to keep the fun going even when you get back or have completed your Trail.

Do I need to do any preparation?

You’re always welcome to complete the Trail before your young people to familiarise yourself with the route. We do our best to ensure that the Trails and clues are as accurate and up to date as possible and include safety information where necessary.

Please do remember that we are not responsible for your safety.

What equipment do I need?

Generally all you’ll need is a pen/pencil per group along with a Trail, any other equipment will be listed on the cover of your Trail booklet or in your order confirmation email. Other than that it’s as simple as turning up and turning detective to solve the clues!

Please note trails should not be reproduced without written permission.

Find a Trail

1. Choose Your Tale

Browse our selection of Tales and select your location. Purchase a copy of your chosen Tale.

2. Enjoy an adventure from the comfort of your own home

Tales are written for readers aged 7-11 however they’re also fun for younger members of the family with items hidden in the illustrations for you to spot along the way so settle down, share a story together and prepare to discover somewhere new.

3. Complete your Trail or additional FREE activities (both optional)

The Tales are written to accompany our Trails so why not read Alfie’s adventure before completing a real-life adventure of your own. Alternatively, for each Tale there are FREE activities to download and print to accompany the story; from colouring in sheets to word searches and bingo. The adventure ends when you decide!

How will it work for me?

Give the gift of reading or share a story together. Pawprint Tales are the perfect accompaniment to Pawprint Trails so why not read your Tale before you go or as part of an extended adventure when you return!

Enjoy as a family or allow older children the joy of sharing a story by reading aloud. The Tales are designed to get you exploring the UK from the comfort of your own home so you decide how they work best for you.

What equipment do I need?

Just yourself and your Tale! You’ll also need a printer if you want to complete any of the additional free activity downloads available from the website but that’s entirely your choice!

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