Feeling creative? Got an idea for a great badge that just doesn’t exist yet? Do you want to get your paws on some awesome freebies and see your badge become part of the Pawprint collection? Then the Design Competition is for you! Find out more below…


All our badges start out life in Charlotte’s sketch book; designed in house and embroidered to the highest quality, all our badges include the Pawprint logo, are fully embroidered and laser cut to shape. Take a look…

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Again this year we were inundated with fantastic entries for this year’s Design Competition. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners:

1st Prize: Martha Mann, Age 7, 2nd Somersham Brownies 

Rik Bear First Aid Challenge 

 2nd Prize: Emily Gould, Age 15, 

Rik Bear Construction Challenge 

 3rd Prize: Callum Bishop-Stewart, Age 8, Plympton 1st Cubs 

Rik Bear Swimming Challenge  

Commendation also goes to: 

 Jason Lowe, Age 8 

Cooking Challenge  

James Lack, Age 13 

Random Act of Kindness Challenge  

Gabi Capaldi, Age 16, The Avonvales 

Cowboy Adventures  

Laurie Bradley, Age 8 

Shakespeare Challenge  

Rupert Neal, Age 8 

Transport Badge  

Maisy Mann, Age 9, Somersham Guides 

Emergency Services Challenge  

Blake Watson, Age 10 

Roman Badge  

Shaunie May Freisleben, Age 10 

Ancient Egypt Badge  

Lucy Brett, Age 9, 5th Stowmarket Brownies 

Disability Awareness Badge 

Alan Jaszczak, Age 7, 29th South West Leeds 

Star Tracker Badge 


Each of this year’s winners will receive a t-shirt featuring their winning design along with a certificate and Well Done badge. Martha will also get to see her design made in to the next badge in our collection, launching October 2020 with her group receiving a set of her badges. Each recipient of a Commendation will receive a certificate and Well Done badge.

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