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What is the Badgevent Calendar?

Quite simply it's your countdown to Christmas, Pawprint style!

Combining daily festive activity ideas with sew on patches the Badgevent Calendar is the first of its kind in the world and we couldn't be more proud!

Dreamt up in 2020 by Charlotte, the idea came about when brainstorming ideas for the Advent Challenge badge. Inspiration struck and the rest, as they say, is history!

Ready to find out more...Let's take a look at the details?

What's included?

  • 24 badges that all fit together to form 1 EPIC design
  • 24 daily festive activities printed inside...
  • 24 envelopes, each one folded, packed and sealed by us!
  • Fully branded, top quality draw box
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE downloads to transform your box when Advent is over AND help you complete your daily challenges!

Each calendar will include all of the above PLUS a BONUS 25th badge dated with 2021 AND

EXCLUSIVE access to pre-order next year's design before anyone else!

I've seen enough and ready to bag my Badgevent Calendar!

Still not sure?

Let's take a closer look...

Badgevent Box

The Box

Made from uncoated paper and board your box is fully-recyclable once the pull ribbon is removed. Alternatively, we've included a bunch of suggestions on the back of your box for repurposing AND to help extend the life of your box we've created a whole host of EXCLUSIVE Badgevent resources so you can transform your box when Advent is over.

Badgevent Envelope

The Challenges

Each badge is packaged in its own colourful envelope and sealed with a gold foil sticker. All folded and packed by us at Pawprint HQ, each envelope is printed with a mini challenge inside. The challenges are designed to help you get in the Christmas spirit and spread some cheer far and near and did we mention they're suitable for all ages AND the envelopes can be recycled when you're done!

Badgevent Badge

The Badges

Designed by Charlotte and created to our usual, exceptionally high standards, each badge is fully embroidered and cut to shape. All 24 badges will fit together to form a Christmas Stocking design, complete with our very own Rik Bear! Every badge you open will fit to another PLUS did we mention, there's a BONUS 25th badge included with every calendar, dated with 2021.

Pre order for 2022

Can't wait to get your paws on next year's design?

Along with your badges, challenges, box and exclusive downloads, every 2021 calendar purchase includes the opportunity to pre-order next year's design before anyone else! We'll be contacting everyone who's lucky enough to bag this year's design with an exclusive pre-order link early in the new year so you can spread the cost of Christmas and ensure you've got next year's design in the bag!

I'm ready to get my paws on the 2021 Badgevent Calendar!

Badgevent Calendar Fundraising

Want to raise some festive funds for your group or school? This year we're giving groups the opportunity to raise funds for free.

By completing the form below we'll send you a code for customers to enter at the checkout and for every calendar sold using your code, your group will receive £5.

    This fundraising opportunity finishes at 23:59 on 30th November with any funds raised transferred before Christmas 2021. Please note that accounts must be a group or school account and you agree to send an invoice for the final amount raised prior to funds being transferred.

    Please ensure your account name matches exactly with your bank so we can confirm your details as soon as possible.

    Free Resources

    Your questions

    Where will you attach your badges?

    Some people like to have a separate blanket for their Christmas badges which we think is a great idea but some other suggestions from our customers include a festive cushion cover, a wall hanging and on the back of a festive dressing gown!

    How big will the finished design be?

    23 x 40cm approximately

    Will the badges fit together straight away?

    Yes! Each badge you open will fit to another that you have already opened. They’re effectively going to be a jigsaw puzzle. There is a silhouette on the underside of your box draw to help you if you get stuck.

    Will the badges be available to buy individually?

    No. The only way to get your paws on the Badgevent Calendar badges is in the Badgevent Calendar. The only badge that will be available separately is the BONUS 25th badge which has this year’s date on.

    Do I need to buy one for each member of my family/group?

    That’s totally up to you. The only way to get the badges is to buy a Badgevent Calendar. If you have 3 children who each want a set of badges then you’ll need 3 calendars. Alternatively, leaders could buy one calendar and sew the badges on to a group blanket or if group members want their own set of badges, leaders can order on behalf of their group or send their young people’s parents/carers a sign-up link to join the festive family.

    Are the challenges easy?

    Yes! They’re designed to help you get in the festive spirit and spread some Christmas cheer. Some are individual challenges, others to enjoy with family or friends and some will benefit others or your community.

    Can we see the challenges before we open our calendar so we can be prepared?

    Yes! Challenges are available on a download which can be found here. You will also be able to access exclusive Badgevent resources to help you complete some of your challenges too.

    Is the calendar suitable for adults and children?

    Yes! We believe in adventure for all so the challenges are suitable for all ages although our smallest adventurers will need some adaptation or assistance with some challenges.

    How many can I buy?

    As many as you need. There are a limited number for this year but while stocks last you may purchase as many as you need. Leaders can order on behalf of groups and we have prepared a template letter which you can download here.

    When can I buy?

    Our Festive Family (festive email subscribers) will be getting the first opportunity to purchase in an EXCLUSIVE pre-order window. A link will be sent in an email on Monday 30th August at 7.15am which will give you access to buy. If there are any calendars left after the subscriber pre-order window then pre-order will open to the general public at 00.00 on 1st September 2021 and be advertised in our Tribe News email on 1st September at 7.15am.

    Are there enough calendars for everyone on the mailing list?

    At the moment, yes, although subscriber numbers are increasing daily and if lots of people buy more than one then they will run out.

    Can I buy them for friends/family?

    Absolutely! Although please be aware that as with all our badges resale is against our Terms and Conditions in order to protect the donations to the Pawprint Trust.

    Will you be able to purchase this design again in future?

    We hope so although we cannot guarantee it. We plan to launch a new design next year and those who order this year’s calendar will get the first opportunity to order next year’s design.

    How much will the Badgevent Calendar be?

    The Badgevent Calendar will cost £45.00. For this you will receive: 25 badges, each individually packaged in its own envelope. The first 24 badges will fit together, the 25th badge is a bonus badge dated with 2021. Each envelope 1 - 24 has a challenge inside for you to complete. There will be exclusive downloads to accompany and help you with some of the challenges. All your badges will come boxed in a draw box, fully branded and with access to exclusive resources to help you extend the life of your box once Advent is over. Alternatively, all your envelopes and box are fully recyclable.

    Is postage and packaging included?

    No. As with any of our products postage and packaging is not included. This allows us to keep our product prices as low as possible. In line with our usual rates, postage for 1 Badgevent Calendar will be £3.00*, 2 calendars will be £4.00 and you will never pay more than £5.00. *based on the weight of calendar only. All our postage rates can be found on the Delivery and Returns page.

    When will I receive my Badgevent Calendar?

    If you are lucky enough to bag a Badgevent Calendar then they will be dispatched on or before 1st November. If you order any other items at the same time you order will be placed on hold, as usual, until all items are in stock and ready to dispatch.

    I'm ready to get my paws on the 2021 Badgevent Calendar!

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